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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you handle a file from outside the state of Florida?
    Right now, our firm solely operates in the state of Florida and we are not taking any files where the home that was damaged is outside Florida.
  • How does the firm get paid?
    We are a contingency-based, cost-free law firm for our clients, meaning we only get paid when our clients get paid. We get our payment from the insurance carrier, which means our clients have no out-of-pocket costs when the case is resolved.
  • What makes you different?
    Precision Legal is not just a law firm, but an extension of your restoration company’s collections team. Unlike other law firms that merely file collections actions on your behalf, our full-time data analysts collect valuable information across thousands of cases to provide our clients with transparent, accountable monthly reports as well as key insight on every major insurer in Florida. The result is a more comprehensive approach to collections with strategies
  • What are litigation analytics?
    We gather litigation analytics to provide you with helpful insights on your typical claim progression throughout litigation. The data, reported monthly, allows your company to keep track of your active cases and better understand your collections process. Our reports hold our firm accountable and set goals for improvement.
  • How will litigation analytics help my revenue?
    Litigation analytics track key information on every major insurer, including the probability of obtaining payment, average percentage of invoice paid, average time in litigation, etc. This information is invaluable to restoration company owners because it helps them know which claims to take on and which to avoid. Our data analysts also create monthly client reports for high-volume clients that show how client files are performing in the collections process. The reports are comparative in that each client’s own performance is compared to the industry as a whole. This helps clients know what to charge and how long payment will take. All monthly client reports also indicate amount paid and also the collectable accounts receivable, so clients are routinely kept informed about incoming revenue.
  • How do I schedule my Monthly Strategy Meeting?
    If you have not received a link to schedule your monthly strategy meeting, please email to get your meeting scheduled.
  • Will the firm help collect on partially paid invoices?
    Yes, if your invoice has gone either unpaid OR underpaid, we are able to help in recovering your full invoice.
  • Do you file suit against homeowners?
    No, we do not litigate against homeowners.
  • What are you doing about Senate Bill 2D?
    Check out our blog posts below to find out more information about this bill. The bill was signed and put into effect on May 26th.
  • Do you do group settlements?
    When we have multiple cases against the same carrier, we will package cases together, with our client's authority, in order to more efficiently resolve their cases.
  • Will you work with several restoration companies?
    While our monthly client reports tend to be more valuable for high-volume restoration companies that wish to know their numbers and take control of their collections, we represent restoration companies of all sizes throughout Florida.
  • How much time do I have to file a claim after my home has been damaged?
    In the state of Florida, there is a two year statute of limitations on filing a claim with your home insurance company. There is an additional year added on for supplemental claims.
  • I just received a Notice of Intent from your firm, what does this mean for me as a homeowner?
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