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Precision Legal is a cost-free, data-driven solution for Florida's restoration companies that want help knowing their numbers and taking control of their litigation collections.  We specialize in high-volume collections and exclusively represent restoration industry clientele.  


Our team of expert attorneys have an excellent reputation in Florida's trial courts where they play a vital role in helping to shape law favorable to the restoration industry.  We have a proven track record of success.


All clients have the benefit of a dedicated settlements team that utilizes proprietary algorithms identifying claims that are candidates for early settlement.   The same approach is used to accelerate settlements based upon key data we have on every major Florida insurer collected across thousands of claims by our firm's in-house data analysts.

Our identity as Precision Legal was born as a result of restoration companies tired of not being able to reach their attorneys or find out information about their cases.   Our team solved this problem by providing detailed monthly reports on all key metrics important to restoration company owners.  In addition, monthly strategy meetings based upon the report findings are held to mutually determine goals and strategies.  The result is an unprecedented degree of transparency and accountability - the way your relationship with your attorney should be, but rarely is.

We look forward to helping your restoration company know its numbers and get a firm grip on its collections process.  

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