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We are Precision Legal - a small but highly effective team that is passionate about representing Florida's restoration companies & public adjusters in what has become a very unfair fight against the insurance industry.

We fight through:

  • embracing technology and data-driven analysis to craft informed legal strategies for our clients 

  • providing an accelerated litigation collections process with a distinct advantage in negotiations based upon key insight that our data analysts have calculated across thousands of cases against every major property damage insurance company in Florida. 

  • offering a cost-free litigation service where our clients receive detailed reports and monthly strategy meetings to better understand their numbers and make more money.   

Our philosophy is that justice is not only an art - it's a science.

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We Can Help

We handle all types of claims including water damage, mold inspection and remediation, wind or hurricane damage, roof leaks, fire damage, plumbing leaks, etc. Our attorneys are highly experienced in the property damage field with key insight having previously represented a variety of insurance carriers in Florida.

Our litigation services are entirely cost-free to clients.  We only get paid if you get paid, but you keep 100% of your settlement award.  Our compensation is paid separately by the insurance companies we fight on your behalf.

For all prospective new clients, we offer a free review of all your paperwork to ensure you legally compliant with Florida statutory and case law.  We also provide a complimentary review of all aged claims to see if you have outstanding balances viable for our cost-free litigation collections. Once your aged claims are reviewed and you are provided with the proper documentation, we maximize the probability of increasing collections rates and percentages, assisting in all manners on a going-forward basis.  Contact us today for a demonstration of how we can help your restoration company take control of its collections process.  

Precision Legal is not just a law firm - we are an extension of your collections team.

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Free Assignment of Benefit Review for Restoration Clients

Expert Guidance


Free Aged Claims Review for Cost-Free Litigation Collection

Customized Approach

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